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Why Your Small Business Should Hire a Marketing Firm

05 Feb 15
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When you bring up “advertising agency” or “marketing firm” around a small business owner, you shouldn’t be surprised if they close their office door or walk away from you. Hiring a marketing firm involves spending money, which many small business owners view as a threat to their bottom line. Every successful owner is taught to cut costs, run efficient operations, and do everything themselves, which frankly is a flawed way of thinking and can end up causing more work in the end. If you want to create better brand awareness around your products and services and ensure success in the world of small business, you should consider hiring a marketing firm to handle your marketing efforts. Why? Glad you asked.

Let the Experts Handle it

It’s totally possible for a small business owner to handle their own marketing efforts, but once they begin thinking about the knowledge needed to do so, the whole process can seem a bit overwhelming. To run an effective marketing campaign that actually contributes to your bottom line, you need to understand all the intricate details of social media marketing, content marketing, seo, paid search, and website maintenance. For someone who spends their entire career doing these tasks, this might be a walk in the park, but for a busy small business owner it may require weeks and months of study to obtain the necessary knowledge and skillset. Even if you decide to do it yourself, you likely won’t do it as well as a professional who stays on the cutting edge of marketing strategy.

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Save Yourself Time

In the world of business, time is money. We briefly talked about how much time is required for marketing in the previous section, but a reminder never hurts. Pawning off your marketing efforts to a marketing firm allows you to focus on the important details of your business without wasting valuable time. If you’re tired of wearing a billion different hats at the office, simplify your life and hire a marketing firm. When you’re not worrying about marketing you can worry about everything else. Marketing professionals know short cuts to access a plethora of information that can help your company succeed. A task that takes 3 hours for a marketing professional to complete may take you three days.

Save Your Company Money

It may seem contradictory to think that hiring a marketing firm could actually save your company money, but it’s the truth. Many ad agencies and marketing firms can save you money when bidding on ads, purchasing ad space, or engaging your audience through other means. If you take care of your own marketing you may spend thousands of dollars more than you need to.

Creating a Brand That Will Last

Though small business owners are very aware of the fine details of their industry, they don’t always understand brand development—a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Developing a brand for your company requires the assistance of someone who can see the big picture, who knows what your customers and clients are looking for, and can put all of that into motion. To create a brand you need to know your target market, the budget of your target market, and what appeals to them. A professional marketing consultant can prepare a marketing campaign that appeals to your target market’s interests. Eventually this will result in lead generation and an increase in sales.

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