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Twitter Marketing Strategy

5 Twitter Rules to Live by

01 Apr 15
ROI Content Marketing
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Everyone is familiar with those companies and individuals that refuse to stop touting their own greatness on Twitter. Frankly, we’re all tired of hearing from those people, but it’s even worse when “that guy” or “that girl” or “that company” is you. Yes it may be hard to digest, but realize no one is immune from the temptation to promote oneself on Twitter. The social network makes it so easy, and it’s only 140 characters so it can’t be that bad right? Wrong. If you plan to use Twitter to market yourself and promote your brand, pay close attention to the following Twitter rules that every marketer and business owner should live by.

Give Helpful Tips and Provide Free Information

If you ask any social media guru to tell you the number one rule to live by, it’d be this one. Social Media is not an opportunity to talk to customers and clients about the services you offer, but it is a chance to establish yourself as an authority figure in a particular industry. Yes it’s true that every marketing tactic needs to measure ROI, but your early Twitter efforts should focus on building your network, attracting new followers, and disseminating useful information that everyone can use to their advantage. When you become helpful instead of promotional the people in your network will begin to see your value and they may reach out to you about the products and services you offer without a prompt. No matter what, always provide information that helps people solve a problem or answer a question. Once the relationship is established you can begin making followers aware of discounted or free products that will help them be more successful in their business.

Use Authentic Communication

Regular Twitter users can spot an automated message from 3,000 miles away, so it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s not the most effective way to reach out to potential followers. If you decide to engage in communication on Twitter, let the user know you actually care about having a discussion. If you liked a particular tweet posted by someone, mention something specific from the tweet in your message and tell them you’re looking forward to future posts. You’ll find that the more you engage sincerely with other users, the more you’ll earn “favorite” tweets, retweets, and comments on your feed. You’ll also get more followers because other users will see you interacting on a consistent basis with Twitter users. The increase in followers will lead to more traffic when you send out a tweet.

Don’t Focus on Too Many Social Platforms at Once

Too many marketers believe that being active in the social media scene means creating an account for every social networking site in existence. While this may initially seem like a genius idea, you’ll quickly learn you don’t have the time or resources to stay active on each platform. With that in mind, be sure to research the platform your potential customers or clients are using and sign up for an account on those. It’s smart to only operate on 3-5 platforms at once, but the fewer the better. The good news is any business can use Twitter, whether your focus is B2C or B2B marketing.

Don’t Obsess About Your Number of Followers

Traditionally marketers measure their success on Twitter by looking at their total “number of followers”. While it is important to have followers, you should never use that as the benchmark for a successful campaign. Instead you might consider focusing on how many times you can start a relevant conversation with someone, or if your response time is appropriate. In time, you’ll see your number of followers increase as you engage with them. Do your research and pay attention to which posts are most effective with your Twitter audience and you’ll always be headed in a positive direction.

Stay True to Your Brand

In the end it’s all about staying true to your brand. It’s smart to take advice from marketing professionals who know their way around the social media sphere, but at the end of the day the originality of your brand is what will win people over. Don’t copy what someone else verbatim. Step out of your comfort zone and reach out to your customers and clients. They’re waiting for you!